For Sale, Sword Blade Leather Washers.

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For Sale, Sword Blade Leather Washers.

Postby Will Mathieson » Tue Aug 02, 2016 7:12 pm

I offer sword blade washers made to order. No more metal to metal contact of guard and scabbard mouth that can mar a guard.
Top grain cow hide 4mm thick in black and brown for cavalry blades. White buff is 2mm-3mm thick for infantry officer swords etc.

What I require is a thin cardboard template of your blades cross section at the ricasso with the scabbard outline around it.

One method to making a template:
Using a piece of cardboard larger than the outer scabbard mouth profile cut upwards approximating one side of the V angle of the blade.
Then at the top of the cut, cut across the thickness of the blade spine. Best to undercut to allow for fitting. Most blades are a V shape so the down cut should match the first upper cut angle.
Slide onto the blade up to the guard. Any minor fitting is done now.
When in place against the guard use tape to attach the bottom of the V at the base of the blade, (you can draw in or out the V angle slightly by adjusting the tape). When your template slides on with good fit sheath the sword and draw the scabbard mouth outline with a pencil.

I have the standard British sword profiles, in cavalry: 1908, 1899, 1890, 1885, 1882, 1853. 1821 and earlier swords vary but I can fashion a template after one of my swords if you cannot supply a template.
Victorian infantry officers swords etc. are fairly standard for size but if in doubt supply a template.

$25 Can through paypal as a (gift) avoiding nasty fees. I do not online bank so no e transfers. Regular shipping anywhere included in the price.

PM me with your details.
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