Indian Mutiny sword

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Indian Mutiny sword

Postby Will Mathieson » Thu Sep 15, 2016 1:45 am

Col. Henry St. Maur Wynch employed in suppressing the insurrection in the Parlah Kimedy district in 1856 and 1857.
Served against the Hill Tribes in the Rajahmundry district in September and October 1857, and received a contusion from a matchlock ball.
Employed with the Sappers in 1859 in quelling the rebellion in Bengal. (Army list 1908).

The Wilkinson sword wears a brass scabbard with wooden liners. The hilts folding guard has been modified to a solid guard. The grip appears to have been recovered during its service life with ray skin. Repeated sharpening may have helped shorten the blade by an inch however the width measurement recorded on the proof page is 1 1/4" while it actually measures 1 1/8".
I wonder if the screwed together year is incorrect, blade made in 1855 and etched on the blade is Lieutenant Henry St Maur Wynch.
Brass hilt details quite worn from continual polishing.
Henry had a 38 year career so his sword has seen much use especially during the rebellions. He is recorded as having a wife 29 years his junior.
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