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Re: Fakes

Post by paulwillcocks » Wed Oct 02, 2019 9:15 pm

Yes indeed. This 1798 sword looks more like a letter opener than the real thing ! I was stung by this same rogue some 20+ years ago. A perfectly presentable 1803 with a blue and gilt blade with on one side a panel for the 13th Regiment and on the other a presentation inscription to a Captain Miller of the Somerset Regiment. There were a few tell tale signs that my naivety managed to miss:

1) the lettering font was Victorian at the earliest 2) there were 2 spelling mistakes in the inscription and 3) there was no such captain in the Regiment during the time
We all live and learn !

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Re: Fakes

Post by Will » Thu Oct 03, 2019 1:09 am

Who is this mystery rogue? He has only managed to damage perfectly good examples of swords.

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Re: Fakes

Post by Richard » Thu Oct 03, 2019 8:46 am

PM sent

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Re: Fakes

Post by Juan J. Perez » Fri Oct 04, 2019 11:16 am

Richard wrote:
Wed Oct 02, 2019 2:50 pm
Hi Juan
I believe the sword itself might be genuine. However, the etching is certainly not - another example undertaken by using acid-resistant Letraset, probably in 1980s or 1990s.
Here is the link to the auction so you can see better photos (lot 327):

https://www.cowanauctions.com/auction/1 ... rmsPremier

Well, in any case our rogue went quite far regarding aging, because in higher resolution pictures it can be seen that there are dark patches even in the areas were acid operated. That staining had to be artificially done after etching, and the whole blade cleaned trying to impart it an homogeneous finish. The scratches can still be seen as a result, but a good job regarding aging, anyway.

However, the use of Letraset is evident, as you say, and not only because of the font used. There are many sections of letters missed or broken (a leg here and there, and such), surely because a not proper application of the letters, something that would not have happened using other means for acid engraving.

Juan J.

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Re: Fakes

Post by Will » Sun Oct 06, 2019 4:09 pm

I sent a message to Cowans but it appears unheeded.

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